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Before agents, producers and studio executives agree to read your screenplay, they will ask to see a synopsis.

A synopsis is a short description of your screenplay. The typical synopsis includes a plot summary of the screenplay on one side of a sheet of paper and usually contains less than 400 words. It features your key characters and what they experience during your story. A decent summary will center a considerable measure of focus to conflict and resolution.

A great synopsis is a good tool to develop an idea for a screenplay and inevitable movie. A synopsis does not try to tell the entire story. It concentrates on a couple of characters and the most important parts of the story. A good synopsis makes the individual who reads it wants to see the film.

Components of writing a good synopsis

  • Limit your abstract to one page or less.
  • Include a sentence or two about your starting scenes.
  • Describe where the story happens and at least a key character.
  • Other characters can be presented, yet don't make the summary excessively detailed.
  • Include the most critical conflicts or events in the story.
  • Use the present tense except for events that precede the story.
  • Link synopsis sections to each other consistently
  • Write your synopsis sections so anybody can understand your story easily.
  • Try to convince your reader that your story is great and would make an extraordinary film.
  • Include a sentence or two about your ending scenes.
  • Let your voice or style come through in your synopsis.
  • Always edit your synopsis for revise style, sentence structure, gramma and use.

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