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A film treatment is a bit of exposition, commonly the progression between scene cards and the main draft of a screenplay for a movie, TV program, or radio play. It is usually large and more detailed than an outline and it might incorporate details of directorial style that an outline overlooks. Treatments read like a short story, however are told in the current state and portray occasions as they happen.

Film treatment is of two classes: Original draft treatment and presentation treatment

Original Draft Treatment

The first draft treatment is made during the writing process, and is normally long and well detailed. It involves full-scene outlines set up together.

Presentation Treatment

The presentation treatment is made as introduction material. For the most part, the scene card descriptions are composed out altogether, and just have the fundamental and critical story occasions that make up the scenes. It is the full story in its least complex shape, moving from the idea, to the topic, to the character, to the entire outline of around four to eight pages of master scenes.

Our film treatments include a selection of potential loglines, because different readers need different hooks.

Use of movie treatment

Film treatments are widely utilized inside the film business as pitching reports to layout story and character parts of an arranged screenplay, while plots are for the most part delivered as a major aspect of the development process. Screenwriters may use a movie treatment to at first pitch a screenplay, and may likewise use a film treatment to offer an idea they are pitching without a finished screenplay.

Let's get your idea further than that with a spectacular movie treatment built on classic three-act structure with a punch of originality and a crafty spin.

We work on treatments at any stage of the creative process. Let us help you craft your story.

Standard number of pages: 10-15.
Estimate delivery time: 10 business days.