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Sales projection

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Most autonomous producers don't research and utilize practical sales projections when assembling their marketable strategy, or even, they don't utilize sales projections in any way. This is a major slip-up. Sales projections for your film venture are significant so you can legitimately budget your project, raise the essential financing, and guarantee your chances of paying your speculators back.

When you are building up an arrangement of projections, the following ought to be considered:

  • Develop a set of projections starting with detailed revenue.
  • Make sure your production budget is solid and based on the final shooting script.
  • Do not guess. You should always make every effort to obtain good, hard numbers. Have other producers situated in the area you are planning to use and take a look at your budget.
  • When mounting your projections, be sure you to include all of the available distribution channels.
  • The sales projections should be carried out for 3 different levels, starting with a low revenue estimate, a high estimate, and a mid-range estimate. The high and low extremes are very important as they will form a potential range of possibilities.

We will create 

  • Worldwide Sales Projections,
  • Finance Plan,
  • Recoupment Waterfall
  • and ROI Scenario

for your project.

Estimate delivery time: 8 business days.