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Film pitch

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When you're pitching your story, you must provide the buyer with a positive emotional experience. And you must convince them that when your movie is made, or your novel is published or your play is produced, your story will create an even stronger emotional experience for the people who buy tickets and books and DVDs....that are why your film's pitch deck is so important.

Film pitch is a short verbal and visual presentation of an idea or thought for a film or TV series that you will need to attract finance to pay for the writing of a screenplays. 

Film pitch is a contraction of the phrase. A movie pitch is used throughout different phases of production, such as casting and distribution, as well as to implore film producers to further fund a project. Filmmakers who devise a movie pitch tend to manufacture a production package, which is given to each potential investor during the pitch. The package comprises the basic information for the filmmaker's project, such as a plot synopsis and budgeting values. Sometimes, filmmakers will produce a sovereign pitch trailer as a part of the package to assist potential financiers to better visualize the project and the filmmaker's vision.

We will create compelling pitch presentations for your project, delivering business results. 

Good movie pitch guarantee to get your work read, or your story (in a full pitch meeting) considered.

Standard number of pages: 15-20.
Estimate delivery time: 10 business days.