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Film lookbook

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Do you need a deck showing a visual style of movie?

In filmmaking, a lookbook is a collection of photographs gathered as visual references to express the director’s view for the look and feel of the film. Conventionally, a lookbook contains photographs but you can include whatever helps you get your ideas moving, including drawings or even a multimedia lookbook.

Movie or TVC lookbook is wisely recommended to provide help immensely in working through ideas and then expressing them to key department heads.

A director’s lookbook is always shared during pre-production with the key segment heads on a film, most especially in the camera and art departments. There are steps that taken when developing lookbooks which will be valuable for honing in on the myriad of choices one will need to make in order to direct the film.

Film Lookbook proposes to offer visual references and work as a jumping off end for discussions, but it’s not meant to lock any of your ideas in stone. Just as you need to let go of being distinct about your script when you direct it, you also need to see your lookbook as a blueprint to assist you and your team find the best visuals for your film.

Our movie lookbook will include:

  1. Logline
  2. Synopsis
  3. Characters' Descriptions
  4. Producer’s Statement
  5. Theme and Tone
  6. Visual Style and Overall Look and Feel
  7. Filmmaker Bio
Standard number of pages: 30-40
Estimate delivery time: 8 business days.