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TVC treatment

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A good TVC treatment is not just a sales instrument, it's your pitch. It must convince your customer that you are completely the most ideal person for the job. That is the place the TVC treatment author comes in. Agencies and clients are greatly occupied and have famously limited capacity to focus. They don't have the time to meet and examine projects yet they are happy to peruse through a 4 to 12 pages TVC treatment about the project you intend to shoot for them.

This is their first look at the material. You have only one opportunity to nail it. On the off chance that they are excited by the few pages of the TVC treatment then they will grant you the job. On the off chance that they're not interested, you have lost the job. There is no standard form to compose a TVC treatment. We will simply make it sufficiently dynamic to pitch your vision, ideas and approach in the best possible way.

We work with the directors and producers every day. We have a large bank of resources to locate hundreds of images for TVC treatments. We offer advice on layout and style, we put on paper compelling descriptions of your ideas.

Your TVC  treatment will include:

  • Overview
  • Cinematography
  • Visual style
  • Lighting
  • Casting
  • Location
  • Music
    Standard number of pages: 10-15.
    Estimate delivery: 5 business days.