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A logline is a short (generally one-sentence) summary of film, TV program or book that expresses the central conflict of the story, regularly giving both a summation of the story's plot and a touching hook to stimulate interest.

Scripts live and die every day from the pitch and there is a major distinction between a logline used to clarify your story and the one used to "sell" your script.

So you should think about your logline as an "advertising tool" and incorporate these three principal components:

  • Who is the hero of your story?
  • What goal is the striving made for?
  • What obstacle is in their way?

Script logline must be brief, less than 25 words if possible, remain straightforward, yet extraordinarily enticing, and be immediate, no hinting permitted.

Story components regularly referenced in a logline incorporate the following:

  • Setting
  • Protagonist
  • Inciting
  • Incident
  • Conflict and,
  • Goal

We will craft your movie idea into a logline so it includes a strong hook, compelling hero, challenging goal and high stakes.

We will provide you with 3 options. 

Estimate delivery time: 3 business days.